Community fridge

Community Fridge


Where does the food come from?

The majority of food comes is donated by local food businesses such as supermarkets and wholesalers. It has all been donated to stop it going to waste. To ensure excellent food safety and quality we have guidelines on what can be donated. This will be displayed on the Community Fridge.

Is the food safe?

The Narberth Community Fridge has registered with the local Environmental Health Officer. A team of trained staff and volunteers are responsible for the daily checking of food, cleaning and temperature monitoring of the fridge. They maintain fridge hygiene standards and ensure unsafe food is disposed of responsibly. The fridge will never have produce that is not good to eat or that has past its use-by date. Clear, easy to follow guidelines inform volunteers and users on how to use the fridge and what items can and cannot go in.

Who can use the Community Fridge?

The Community Fridge is for everyone in the community. There is a perception that surplus food should be prioritised for those that need it most and that the community fridge is similar to a Food Bank. This perceptions results in some members of the community thinking that they shouldn’t be using the community fridge because they aren’t in need and it would deprive others.   

The following points have helped to overcome this perception:  

- Promoting the project locally 

- Pay-as-you-feel donations. This encourages visitors to pay what they think the food is worth 

- Promotion of the difference between food banks and community fridges on social media. This article by HUBBUB is a useful reference. 

- Volunteers/staff promoting the message ‘the fridge is for everyone’

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Contact us about the fridge

If you would like more information about volunteering or just curious about how it works contact us on 01834 860293, email or just pop in, there's always a freindly face on reception to help you out

Bloomfield House Community Centre, Redstone Road, Narberth, SA67 7ES